What are Fixed and Dynamic eBooks? 

There are some differences between standard dynamic and fixed layout eBooks. The difference between  a dynamic and fixed layout eBook will be discussed below.


Dynamic eBooks are those which do not follow the layout of the book's hard copy but are fit so that readers can easily read from their electronic devices.  At present a lot of eBooks follow the dynamic layout style. With dynamic layout the text and images are all at a readable size whatever the size of the screen is. The original format and layout of the book is not the same with a dynamic format.


This can be an issue with books that has a lot of illustration and photographs or where page design is the key element.


The fixed layout eBook on the other hand delivers the pages in the same layout as the original book whatever the device or screen size.  It is like seeing the exact copy of the printed page on your device screen. The pages of the book will look like the original copy and thus preserving its page format.


Sometimes you need to make use of zoom functions to be able to read small print, more so if your device screen is small. Coffee table books and highly illustrated children's novels will be perfect with a fixed layout format.


It is understandable why many books ePublishing for the iPad and iPhone would prefer the fixed formatting for eBooks considering the hard work that have put into formatting the layout of their original works. Although this is an issue with publishers, eBook readers are not really greatly affected by the preservation of paper book formatting in their gadgets. If many cases the eBook or e reader will be smaller than a double page spread of the paper book. Because the pages are greatly reduced, eBook readers will need to use the zoom in function and to pan back and forth so that they can read each line.


In order for the eBook to look and perform well, it is best to use fixed layout because it offers a valuable and powerful took for eBooks. On the other hand, however, publishers need to redesign their pages to fit the device before they use it. Learn how to reformat your ebook with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_6541101_format-ebooks.html.


 This can mean that the text sizes are increased, image sizes reduced and some details removed from the page.


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